What is a White Elephant Gift Exchange?

The White Elephant Gift Exchange

Hey everyone! For this year’s Christmas-Eve party at David and Ermita’s, we are planning to do a white elephant gift exchange! Not sure what it is? I added a paragraph below that explains the game and what type of gift to bring! Merry Christmas!!!

White elephant gifts are traditionally “presents” that are considered extremely tacky or that do not fit the tastes of the recipient. The thought behind a white elephant gift exchange is to give everyone a chance to rid themselves of these tacky gifts—and invariably gain a new one! White elephant gift exchanges can be run different ways. Some set rules that the item must be previously owned, which means that you are re-gifting an unwanted item or trinket. Others purchase a new, generally inexpensive, tacky item just for the party. The goal is to choose wacky, funny or entertaining gifts. If you’re really stumped, just pay a visit to your local thrift store.

white elephant gift exchange

Finding the perfect white elephant gift:

  • If you’re having trouble coming up with a gift that is both off-the-wall and appropriate, consider these gift ideas:
    • Hideous jewelry
    • Perfume or lotion with an unpleasant scent.
    • Cheap, ugly statues or other decorative knick-knacks.
    • An obnoxious T-shirt, sweater, tie, or bow-tie.
    • Workout videos, particularly those with Richard Simmons.
    • A framed picture of your Leader, but only if the boss has a good sense of humor.
  • Still stumped? Visit this site for ideas.

Can’t wait to see everyone’s wrapped up gifts, this should be super fun!!!


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