bend oregon cycle pub

Bend Oregon Cycle Pub

One of the cute things about Bend Oregon is their versatility. This cute little Cycle Pub is great! I did not get to go on it when I was there, but everyone looked like they were having way too good of a time.

dameron valley utah hiking

Dameron Valley Utah Hiking

Went over to Dameron Valley, and there is some absolutely amazing hiking. I would definitely recommend going with one of your friends that is familiar with the area and going to take a hike! Dameron Valley is beautiful!

el fogon playa del carmen mexico

El Fogon Playa Del Carmen Mexico

You have to go visit the famous El Fogon if you go to Playa del Carmen, Mexico! It is a little hole in the wall, amazing Mexican food place that is to die for! The price is even better, very reasonable, and all delicious! Then you can take a picture with the donkey out in front of the restaurant when you are done!

herbalife saint george utah

Herbalife in Saint George Utah Review

The Herbalife in Saint George, Utah is a wonderful place! Mark Kanas, the owner, is a wonderful guy to be around, and he has really built a great business with great people. If you are looking to get a healthy start on life, I would definitely recommend getting one of their smoothies and trying their tea, and signing up as a distributor for all the great benefits!

senor frogs playa del carmen mexico

Senor Frogs Playa Del Carmen, Mexico Review

Had such a great time at Senor Frogs in Playa del Carmen, Mexico! There was a Bachelorette party going on and we just joined right in with them! Canadians, such friendly people. I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a good henna tattoo, a great drink, and to meet some fun friends!

how to do nailuv gel nails

How to do NailUV Gel Nails

Wondering how to do the best nailUV gel nails?

Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Clean off your  nail with the cleanser
  2. Buff your nails
  3. Put a thin coat of bonder on each nail
  4. Put a very thin coat of the base/top coat on your nail, making sure to get the top of the nail edge, going over the edge
  5. Put your nails under the UV light dryer for 1 minute
  6. Put a thin coat of your color on (remember to keep it thin)
  7. Put your nails under the UV light dryer for 1 minute
  8. Put one more thin coat of your color on
  9. Put your nails under the UV light dryer for 1 minute
  10. Put the last top coat on your nail, a thin coat, making sure to again go over the edges
  11. Put your nails under the UV light for 1 minute again
  12. Use the cleanser to clean each nail (it is OK If it looks like some color comes off, it is supposed to do that)

And you’re done!