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My second shoutout is to this amazing blogger, Rachael Anne Campbell! She is an amazingly creative writer with imagery that will capture you and inspire.

So why did she start her blog?

“I’d started reading a lot of lifestyle blogs and I admired all these amazing women. I was inspired by their bravery and creativity”

I love her openness on her blogging, where she wants to share her view and adventures with the world, in a way that captures the essence of herself while keeping readers engaged. She is first concerned about enjoying life, and second about blogging.

And what tip does she have for us fellow bloggers?

“Read a lot of blogs! See what you like, what you don’t. Take the best of all of them and believe in yourself.”

Finally, what is Rachael’s ultimate goal for her blog?

“Share me and my life. Inspire others to keep dreaming, but also to live their dreams.”

Follow her on Instagram @rachaelanne143 and visit her delightful blog Anchored in Light and enjoy! Let’s get connected!

Feel free to leave comments for her below, or just share some of your inspiration!

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